Daily Mantras To Improve Your Manifestation System


This ebook is the first in its series of the Queensform B.A.M (Believe, Act, Manifest) Proclamations Series to support building your highest self through daily mantras and affirmations.

We all need help with our belief systems; whether you’re building the system up, tearing it down, replacing, reshaping. Belief is the most important and fragile step in manifestation. This is why I created the Queensform Believe Act Manifest proclamation, a more official and vocally public affirmation to share with other folks who deal with trauma and pain in private. The following B.A.M. Proclamations, scripted phrases you evoke & announce to the atmosphere, build effective thinking habits that empower you to create your highest life.

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I use these daily mantras to deepen my beliefs about the life that I know is mine by divine right. I am sharing them with my Formers to use as daily reminders to support building their unique belief systems.

Queensform B.A.M Proclamations are affirmative mantras that can help support you in developing daily habits for a life of the highest vibration. B.A.M proclamations inspire you to create time-based routines to practice everyday. Each stage of the Believe Act Manifest series should last the full month and support creating habits of positive thinking.

Follow the affirmations outlined in this series to support your highest-self development:

•Build up your belief system to rework your perception of your experiences
•Strengthen your action system to release feelings of laziness, burn out, and fatigue
•Support your manifestation system in creating the clearest highest version of your conscious


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